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When life gives you lemons, make sure you have the right cover...

Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Income Protection & Private Medical Insurance

We reckon we can beat your existing policy and save you money... Or setup a nice new shiny one for you!

What's WHAT?

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a product designed to protect your loved ones’ finances should you pass away (or be diagnosed with a terminal illness) during the term of the policy.

Income Protection

Many of us would struggle to keep on top of our essential outgoings, such as mortgage and rent, if we lost an income due to illness or an accident.

Critical Illness

Critical illness supports you financially if you’re diagnosed with one of the conditions in the policy. The tax-free, one-off payment helps pay for your treatment, or changes to your home.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for 'acute conditions' that start after your policy begins

Uno DOS Tres


Get us on the phone! There's no better way for us to guide you through the setting up your perfect policy. It won't take long, we promise!


Let us do all the heavy lifting. No need to trawl through comparison sites and stress about whether you have the right policy.


Once your policy is setup, your dedicated personal adviser makes sure you never have to worry and you can focus on enjoying life!

Heard OF this LOT?

We work alongside a load of the UK's leading providers. We can guarantee you're getting the right cover, at the right price.

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In 2021, living through the Covid-19 pandemic, life was not as we knew it!


That's when the team at Simply Zest made it their mission to ensure that as many people as possible in Great Blighty had the right level of life insurance to protect themselves and their families.

Their goal was simple, to speak to as many people as possible and either review their current policies or set up new ones, guaranteeing people could rest in peace knowing their families were looked after when they were gone

Enquire now and become a zesty!

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